Apple wants to add social functions to iMessage
Apple wants to add social functions to iMessage

Bloomberg reported that Apple is looking at improvements to iMessage to compete with the more powerful social features of Facebook's messaging products (such as WhatsApp).

Although the Bloomberg report did not indicate any upcoming changes to iMessage or the expected time for their release, these features could increase tensions between Apple and Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg provided iMessage as an example of how the two companies became more competitive

Zuckerberg said in January that iMessage comes preinstalled on every iPhone, and Apple is pushing it forward with APIs and special permissions, making it the most used email service in the United States.

Facebook has taken interest in encrypted messages via WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger in order to promote a new growth cycle for the company through private communications.

Announcing the company's privacy center in 2019, Zuckerberg said: `` I think the future of communications is increasingly turning to encrypted private services.

At the same time, Apple continues to roll out more privacy features for the iPhone, forcing makers of apps like Facebook to reveal the types of data they have collected.

Next week, Apple rolled out a new feature over iOS 14.5 that required companies like Facebook to obtain user permission to track targeted ads.

According to Apple, the iMessage app does not collect any data collected by the Facebook app.

From Facebook's perspective, Apple's privacy changes are designed to support digital services that focus on privacy and prevent users from using data collection apps like Facebook.

In the months leading up to iOS 14.5, Facebook severely criticized Apple's data protection regulations.

Facebook said Apple's changes are hurting small businesses who rely on targeted ads to provide free services.

Apple said: This change aims to give customers a better understanding of how apps use their personal information.

However, Apple may consider expanding iMessage functionality after these privacy changes take effect, which could lead to more tension with Facebook.

Additionally, both companies are using AR glasses to create the next wave of computers that may someday eliminate the need to carry cell phones, tablets, or other devices with screens.

Although the battle between Apple and Facebook is now all about privacy, over the next few years, it becomes more and more the battle of computing platforms that previously appeared with Windows PCs, Macs, and PCs. Filmed Android devices fighting iPhone war.

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