Email address ... the new Facebook crisis
Email address ... the new Facebook crisis

Over the past month, Facebook has been suffering from losing hundreds of millions of user numbers. Because of the email addresses that the social media giant is dealing with, Facebook is now facing a new secret crisis.

An anonymous security researcher has uncovered a new vulnerability that exposed the email addresses of millions of users.

He designed a tool called Facebook Email Search v1.0 that links a Facebook account to its email address.

An anonymous security researcher has posted a video showing that the tool can link a Facebook account with an email address even if the user has not disclosed the email address to the public.

He stated that the tool could handle up to 5 million addresses per day, but provided a list of 65,000 titles for proof of concept.

He said, I reported the vulnerability before posting, but after the social media giant told me the exploit wasn't big enough to solve it, I created and posted the Facebook Email Search tool v1.0. Video.

In response to the report in Email Finder v1.0 from Facebook, a Facebook spokesperson said: We value the exchange of information between researchers and are taking preparatory steps to resolve this issue as we will continue to better understand its discovery.

"Facebook engineers believe they are mitigating the leak by disabling the technology shown in the video," he added.

It is currently unknown if this error was used to create a database of email addresses from Facebook users.

The researcher said: Facebook has a similar vulnerability that was fixed earlier this year, and it is exactly the same. For some reason, they told me directly that they would not take any action on this, even though I clearly reported to the states on Facebook.

Facebook has been criticized for collecting large amounts of data because it is actively trying to promote the idea that such vulnerabilities are virtually harmless to its users.

In an email about the leak of hundreds of millions of phone numbers, which Facebook mistakenly sent to the Dutch publication DataNews, the company urged public relations officials to treat this as a prominent industry problem and arrange the regularity of the event. .

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