Chrome can easily reopen recently closed tabs
Chrome can easily reopen recently closed tabs

Google's long-standing adoption of secure HTTPS browsing has taken another big step forward, and Chrome has achieved 90 stable channels for desktop devices.

The search giant announced in March that Google Chrome will switch to HTTPS from version 90 by default.

Google said: This is the most used protocol, it improves privacy and security, and improves the initial download speed of sites that support the protocol as many sites redirect HTTP to HTTPS which takes some time.

Desktop Browser Version 90 also includes the Enhanced AV1 WebRTC video conferencing codec.

AV1 is the same codec that Netflix uses to improve video compression on mobile devices

The new codec provides better compression efficiency, reduces bandwidth consumption, while improving visual quality and allowing video execution on low-bandwidth networks while screen sharing is more efficient than the VP9 codec.

If the user doesn't provide the protocol, the browser will try downloading over HTTPS first and then revert to HTTP (if needed).

You can now use Google to hide the playlist. If you right-click in the bookmarks bar, you'll see a new "Show playlist" option at the bottom of the menu.

Browsers continue to process less intrusive permission requests, and Google automatically blocks claims that users are unlikely to allow.

The bell icon appears with a slash at the end of the address bar instead of prompting. Clicking on it will bring up a popup showing you notifications of interest and links to administrative settings.

Google plans to allow users to see recently closed tags in the tag search window.

The screenshot shows a popup for searching a tab containing a list of currently open tabs. Here is a list of recently closed tabs.

Google Chrome browser users can now find their recently closed tabs by going to the browsing history window in the menu bar.

Quick access for users to recently closed tabs can improve browser usability.

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