Windows 10 timeline is out of sync
Windows 10 timeline is out of sync

Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will officially lose the cross-device sync feature under the timeline feature in the latest version of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build.

Windows may be one of the most popular operating systems, but not all features are equally popular or used.

The schedule feature is an example that was added in an April 2018 OS update.

This function displays current and past activities during a certain period of time via a device signed in to the same Microsoft account and can be accessed via Windows key + Tab key.

The schedule is designed so that users can easily switch between multiple devices and easily switch from Windows 10 computer to Android or iOS phone and back again.

This feature relies heavily on Microsoft's Cortana voice assistant, which prompts the user to restore tasks from one device to another.

Cortana is an important part of creating a timeline experience on iOS and Android devices because Microsoft has less control.

With the latest release of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21359, Timeline will no longer upload new activities to the linked Microsoft account.

If your activity history is synced across devices with a Microsoft account, you won't be able to import new activities into the timeline.

To view network history, Edge and other browsers can view recent network activity. You can also view recently used files from OneDrive and Office.

The schedule and all local activity history are saved in Windows 10, you can no longer use the tracking function from the specified position in the timeline.

One of the standout features of Timeline is the synchronization of history and activity between devices, which was synced using Microsoft Launcher on Windows 10 PCs and Android devices.

Calendar was removed from Microsoft Launcher in 2020, and new changes removed the primary goal of the feature.

Since most people don't remember having such a functionality, it wouldn't be surprising if Microsoft scrapped the plan as a whole.

If you are currently using this feature, you should know that cross-device syncing will be disabled when the update reaches the stable channel in June.

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