Facebook demonstrates how to make money with WhatsApp
Facebook demonstrates how to make money with WhatsApp

Since Facebook bought WhatsApp for as much as $ 19 billion in 2014, investors have wondered how they could benefit from the acquisition, especially after the company abandoned its controversial plan to sell in-app ads.

The company recently provided details about using WhatsApp to drive ad sales on its other platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

Starting in 2017, companies using WhatsApp to communicate with customers and complete transactions will be able to purchase ads on Facebook and Instagram. It contains a button that users can use to switch to WhatsApp and start a conversation with the company.

Millions of companies use this type of ads.

Also, a new feature has been introduced that allows companies to create such ads directly from the WhatsApp Business app, which was not possible before. This simplifies the ad buying process.

The new feature uses the WhatsApp Business menu, which is the standard or menu interface where business account customers can view offers.

Businesses can now select an item from the list and use the button that takes the viewer to a WhatsApp account to quickly convert it into a Facebook or Instagram ad.

Previously, business owners had to go to Facebook or Instagram to start the ad buying process.

Facebook said: For a lot of people, e-commerce has nothing to do with websites and companies, but rather news. CRM.

With this new feature, business owners can start creating WhatsApp ads to run on Facebook and Instagram directly from the WhatsApp Business app.

With the new feature, Facebook confirms its intention to not allow direct mail from WhatsApp. The app's future revenue will likely come from products like payments and e-commerce.

In developing these new business models, Facebook is using WhatsApp to improve its core advertising business.

The effect is unclear because the company did not publish sales of "Click to Go WhatsApp" ads and the millions of companies that use it are only a small percentage of the 50 million total. WhatsApp users.

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