Google Play targets deceptive apps
Google Play targets deceptive apps

In the past year, Google has made extensive policy changes to the Google Play Store to prevent game apps from being given real money and to respond to kickback criticism.

However, the new update to the storage policy aims to standardize the preview to prevent users from being tricked into downloading apps and to make the app list more concise, concise, and less noticeable.

Under the new rules, Google actively bans poor SEO practices, including advertising strategies designed to make apps more attractive.

For example, the app's new metadata policy prohibits capitalization of words (unless it is a brand name) and the use of emojis in app names.

At the same time, developers are forced to limit the app's title to 30 characters and cannot use graphics or text to speed up installation.

Cannot use adding phrases (such as Download Now) to prompt the installation. Attempts to promote transactions by adding a sales banner to the app icon are prohibited.

Google doesn't need any code or text apps to display performance, ranking, price, promotional information, or misleading articles.

Google said: Applications that conflict with the upcoming policy will not be available through the Google Play Store.

To make it easier for developers to adapt to the new rules, the company will release more details in the coming months and implement them later this year.

In addition, the new guidelines for checking assets by registration will come into effect in the second half of 2021.

These instructions apply to graphics, screenshots, videos, and short descriptions that are used to display the app's functionality.

In order to adapt to these changes, Google encourages developers to focus on accuracy and useful information in attractive language (for example, "free" or "better").

In addition, resources need to be translated and read so that users can make reasonable decisions about installing applications.

The instructions require graphics, videos, and brief descriptions to accurately represent the applications and games and to provide adequate information to users.

Applications that do not meet the criteria will be disqualified as they are not eligible for promotions and referrals.

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