Google announced a number of new WebXR experiments
Google announced a number of new WebXR experiments

Google announced a number of new WebXR experiments that enable augmented and virtual reality through a web browser that can perform operations such as field measurement, field exploration, and social instruction presentation.

Virtual and augmented reality have always had the power to make life more fun and productive, but most apps focus on entertainment, so most people consider technology primarily entertainment.

Google's recent WebXR smartphone test tries to prove it's educational as well, as this series of experiments are designed to show the effects of the technology.

Google said: Augmented and virtual reality allow interaction with the world and the information around it. WebXR combines augmented reality and online virtual reality to make broadband access more convenient and easy.

Google highlighted four experiments in its blog post: Floom, Measure Up, Sodar, and Picturescape.

Google said: Picturescape will be launched soon, allowing Google Photos users to search memories in augmented reality.

According to the search giant, Floom Experience is an exciting new way to explore the world developed by WebXR and Google Maps.

You can open the Chrome browser and search the earth to see if the other end is the ocean or the land.

With the measuring experience, users can easily calculate the length, area and volume of everyday objects.

You can place the pen at the edge of the object without using a tape measure to determine the height and depth.

Sudar is a social distance radar. As you go, the experience lights up six feet around you so you can always stay away from those around you.

You can try Floom, Measure Up, and Sodar by visiting the Google WebXR Experiences page on your Android phone, knowing you need a phone that supports ARCore.


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