Google's Pixel Buds may include spatial audio functionality
Google's Pixel Buds may include spatial audio functionality

Google recently acquired its own 3D startup Dysonics, which could help bring new functionality to wireless Pixel Buds or other future products.

Some Dysonics employees have joined Google in the past few months and are currently working on audio equipment.

Google has also received intellectual property rights from Dysonics, including certain patents for binaural audio tracking, or features useful for future versions of Pixel Buds, or other portable audio devices.

The acquisition took place in December and was revealed in a document recently filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Founded in 2011, Dysonics is a branch of the UC Davis Technology Incubator that originally developed a headphone motion detector that gives portable audio devices spatial awareness.

Dysonics then worked with Virgin America to introduce surround sound into its in-flight entertainment system, and also developed a 3D audio creation software for virtual reality content creators.

The company co-founder and CTO (Robert Dalton) changed his account information through LinkedIn to confirm the move to Google. His account showed that he was developing audio devices for Google.

Another former Dysonics employee indicated on LinkedIn that he now works on a team creating audio algorithms for various Google device products.

Google can use Dysonics employees and their technology for future releases of Pixel Buds, allowing the company to add the spatial audio capabilities available through Apple's AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

Google can also use startup technology to improve Nest speaker sound.

Google can also use Dysonics' people and technologies to manipulate audio in future augmented reality devices.

After Google has left augmented reality and virtual reality for a while, Google has taken a few steps in the past few months to showcase people's newly discovered interest and acquire augmented reality glasses maker North in June 2020.

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