Long-awaited Apple TV appears in tvOS 14.5
Long-awaited Apple TV appears in tvOS 14.5

Apple has invested heavily in digital content services, but the Apple TV itself has not changed much in recent years. In its 14-year history, Apple TV only supports frequencies up to 60Hz.

The current 5G device was released nearly four years ago and only supports 4K resolution. It has not been updated since then.

It looks like the long-awaited update may be released soon once a new feature is launched in the latest version of tvOS 14.5 Beta that includes this upgrade, which also means a major hardware upgrade.

The new tvOS 14.5 beta supports 120Hz refresh rate, a feature not available on Apple TV models currently available. This may indicate that the company is developing a new version of the device.

The 120Hz refresh rate on the new Apple TV isn't clear, but one possibility is a smoother gaming experience, like the 120Hz refresh rate supported by the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Interest in gaming has been growing lately, so it's not surprising that the new Apple TV has more gaming-centric features.

Apple has just added a lot of new games to its Apple Arcade subscription service that allows you to play games on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, as well as transfer progress between platforms.

Additionally, beta versions of iOS 14.5, macOS 11.3, and tvOS 14.5 support PlayStation 5 consoles and Xbox Series X consoles. This support is subject to migration to the final version of the system.

The alleged support for Apple TV at 120Hz is also in line with a report released by Bloomberg in December that said: Apple is developing a new Apple TV coming this year that will focus on gaming.

The report added: The new device includes a redesigned remote control, and there is hope that it will be easier to use.

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