Oculus Quest 2 supports wireless transmission from a computer
Oculus Quest 2 supports wireless transmission from a computer

Oculus announced that with Software Update 28, Oculus Quest 2 will use PC wireless transmission, 120Hz refresh rate and improvements introduced by Infinite Office.

Infinite Office is a feature in Oculus Quest 2 and part of Oculus Home that allows users to work in a virtual environment.

With the 28 software update, Infinite Office allows users to add a virtual office where their virtual office is, so users know where to place real physical objects without leaving virtual reality.

Oculus Quest 2 can make Logitech K830 Bluetooth keyboard virtual. As you type on the keyboard, it appears next to your hand in 3D virtual reality.

Facebook said it will support display of more keyboard models in the future.

The update includes another feature called Air Link that allows streaming games or apps wirelessly from a computer.

After updating to version 28, the wearer can move freely in Air Link mode without connecting with a USB-C cable.

According to Oculus, it is best to place the playing area 6 meters from the router.

Facebook has stated that it does not rule out adding Air Link to the original Oculus Quest at a later time, but has made it clear that it will focus on improving Air Link to provide the best Oculus Quest 2 experience in the first place. .

As we all know, the original Oculus Quest can be streamed wirelessly to PC as freelance developer Guy Godin has added this feature to his virtual desktop app.

The application provides users with a virtual space to use their computers and also supports game streaming over the wireless network.

The update also includes a test mode with a refresh rate of 120 Hz (above the current 90 Hz) and a native 72 Hz.

The company's post states that many eyewear users will not immediately test the new refresh rate because the glasses will continue to operate at a 90Hz refresh rate.

Until developers release new versions of games and software that can run at a higher refresh rate, users cannot enjoy a higher refresh rate.

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