Pinterest launches a fund to pay influencers
Pinterest launches a fund to pay influencers

Of all the social media platforms, Pinterest is probably the least dependent on the type of influencer culture related to Instagram, YouTube, etc.

This appears to be changing now that the platform has launched a creation fund to pay a small group of influencers to create content through the platform.

The fund will provide $ 500,000 in cash and media to a small group of influencers in 2021, including eight creatives without backgrounds.

The platform plans to attract more people to the program later this year. With this fund, Pinterest is the latest platform to attract live influencers and get direct financial support.

TikTok also created a $ 200 million fund last year, and Snapchat's Spotlight program has paid millions of users to create the most popular videos.

Compared to these efforts, Pinterest's approach is much quieter, but the platform makes clear that it is also trying to create an influence culture that is different from other platforms.

In addition to funding, Pinterest has provided new guidelines for its creators that go beyond existing community guidelines.

The new policy, called Creator's Code, requires all Pinterest users who can use Story Pins to agree to a number of guidelines, including fact-checking and creating an inclusive environment.

In fact, the creator's code doesn't change Pinterest's current policy prohibiting things like fake health information and hate speech.

Sarah Bruma, Policy Director at Pinterest, said "The Creator Code" is designed to encourage creators to understand the spirit of our content policy. You do not have your own guidelines, but you must follow the same standards as all users, b. Content security and limited knowledge of issues such as property rights.

After the platform introduced the Story Pins feature and the Creator Creator account last September, the Creator Foundation created these two organizations with the aim of promoting high-level projects to be viewed by users and subscribers of the platform.

Pinterest has also released a new review review feature that encourages users to leave more positive reviews and warns them if they violate the platform's rules.

This functionality is similar to the tools used by Instagram and TikTok and also has a feature to proactively warn users before posting comments that violate the rules.

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