Portal TV supports zoom video calls
Portal TV supports zoom video calls

Facebook has added support for Zoom and GoToMeeting platforms to Portal TV, bringing the company's wide-angle video chat functionality to the largest screen in the home.

Zoom and GoToMeeting are available along with BlueJeans and Webex on Facebook's mobile devices, including Standard Portal, Portal Mini, and Portal Plus.

Newly added functionality aims to make the portal TV more useful as an operational webcam and make it useful for digital conferencing in the coronavirus era by zooming in / out.

Facebook said, "Your favorite zoom feature has now been expanded to the largest screen in your home, so you can work on the sofa or at your desk."

This includes attending break rooms for brainstorming groups, she added, calendar integration can help you plan your progress, screen sharing can enhance remote collaboration, and a background can enhance the overall experience.

The device's smart camera helps you to stay in the picture, while the smart sound can improve your voice and reduce background noise so you get your business call loud and clear.

Since the machine can handle your video calls, it can free up space on the computer screen to improve work efficiency during meetings and throughout the day.

Facebook is in the process of creating a batch of jobs for its chain of video chat devices.

Facebook added the Netflix platform to Portal TV last October, and the second-generation portal device and the first Portal Mini device, released in 2019, got WhatsApp communications support and lower prices.

As the world changes and moves to remote work, this increase is reflected in a recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers that found that 55% of employees plan to work from home for at least three days a week after the coronavirus.

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