Russia fines Apple $ 12 million
Russia fines Apple $ 12 million

The Federal Antitrust Agency, Russia's Antitrust Agency, fined Apple $ 12 million for cracking down on third-party parental control apps.

Russia's antitrust agency has opened an investigation after receiving a complaint from Kaspersky Lab in March 2019 alleging that Apple is forcing Apple to remove the Screen Time feature shortly after adding the Screen Time feature to screens on iOS 12. Safe Kids app functions.

The fine came in the same week, and European Union regulators are expected to file their own charges against Apple.

This comes in response to Spotify's March 2019 complaint that Apple is charging a 30% fee for in-app purchases. He said: This gives Apple's own services an unfair advantage.

According to the New York Times in April 2019, in addition to Spotify, parental control apps Kidslox and Qustodio have also filed complaints with European regulatory authorities.

Russia's antitrust agency said in its statement (first reported by Reuters) that it hopes Apple will take steps to ensure its apps do not get an unfair advantage and that parental control app developers can distribute their software without restricting their functionality.

Russia's antitrust body initially believed that Apple had abused its market position in August of last year.

And on the fine, Apple said: It violates the decision of the supervisory authority and is appealing to the decision.

A company spokesperson said: We have worked with Kaspersky Lab to bring their apps into compliance with child protection guidelines. There are now 13 apps on the App Store, and we've covered hundreds of them. Update.

Apple initially had reasons to restrict the functionality of third-party parental control apps, it was said: It uses MDM mobile device management technology, which companies can use to control the company's devices.

Apple said it's too dangerous for consumer-facing apps to have the same level of control and leave them vulnerable to hackers.

After the developers protested, Apple changed its guidelines to allow MDM technology to be used for parental control apps, but only in a few cases.

Kaspersky Lab welcomed these changes at the time, but expressed concern that use of the technology would require written approval from Apple.

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