Russian military intelligence infiltrate Swedish sports agencies
Russian military intelligence infiltrate Swedish sports agencies

The Swedish public prosecutor said Tuesday: An investigation revealed that the Russian Intelligence Service (GRU) committed serious data breaches in the Swedish Sports Federation in 2017 and 2018, but the case remains closed.

Hacking attacks on the Swedish National Sports Federation's organizations have affected some of the world's largest sports organizations, including FIFA and the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The Swedish public prosecutor said in a statement: The repeated and widespread violations of the Russian intelligence service led to access to the personal data of Swedish athletes, such as medical records, which were later announced.

After the Swedish Security Agency worked with security agencies in other countries to investigate, a hack was discovered.

The data breach occurred from December 2017 to May 2018 when Sweden offered to host the 2026 Winter Olympics.

After the state-sponsored doping program was published in Russia in 2015, the hacking campaign began.

The Swedish public prosecutor added: He decided to close the case because he could not transfer the investigation abroad and hand over the suspect.

"While working for a large foreign country, in this case Russia, we came to the conclusion that there are no requirements for taking legal action. Foreigners or extraditing criminals to Sweden," Prosecutor Mats Leungkvist said in his statement.

The Swedish Sports Federation, the governing body for Swedish sport, said in 2018 that a Russian hacker organization called Fancy Bear had infiltrated the anti-doping department's computer by several electronics researchers and received excitement and spread it in the laboratory. Athletes inspection records.

Bjorn Eriksson, President of the Swedish Sports Federation said: This is a serious crime against humanity and values ​​because it revealed personal information that may be sensitive without thinking about how it affects people.

According to US intelligence, the Russian hacking organization Fancy Bear is under the control of the Russian Military Intelligence Agency (GRU).

In 2016, the World Anti-Doping Agency accused Russian hackers of stealing medical information about American Olympic athletes and distributing it online.

Cybersecurity researchers have also linked the "fairy bear" hackers to the cyber attacks on the US and French elections.

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