Sony lets you save PlayStation 5 games via USB
Sony lets you save PlayStation 5 games via USB

Sony released an April update for the PlayStation 5, which adds some key features to the next-generation gaming platform, including the long-awaited ability to save PS5 games to an external hard drive.

The PlayStation 5 game platform offers 825GB of storage (only 667GB of free space when formatted with the operating system and other essential files) so few great next-gen games can fill your entire SSD.

Sony attempted to address this issue by allowing players to save backward-compatible PS4 games to external drives. However, the same options were not provided for the PS5 games.

Unlike PS4 games, Sony does not allow players to play these PS5 games from external drives.

The company stated that since PS5 games should take advantage of the platform's ultra-fast SSD, they still need to be copied to the platform's main SSD before you can play them.

However, Sony said the local copy of the data should be faster than reinstalling from the Internet or ripping the game from the disc.

Until Sony can activate the M.2 expansion slot on the PS5 platform, these solutions are only temporary solutions, allowing players to increase the additional storage space available to store and play new generation games.

There is no news of this update in the Sony announcement, but an earlier report from Bloomberg said: This feature is expected to be available this summer.

In addition to new save options, other important features have been added with the PlayStation 5 April update.

There are better options that can quickly pause in-game chat or lower the volume of a single player system-wide to prevent the many Destruction AllStar issues upon release.

Sony also gives players the ability to search their library for the games they have purchased and hide the games in their library to organize work.

There's also a new developer feature that allows games to download updates as they become available, so you don't have to wait for the platform to be in stable mode.

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