Microsoft announced its first webcam in years
Microsoft announced its first webcam in years

Coinciding with the release of the new Surface Laptop 4 focused on productivity, Microsoft released four new accessories, including the first webcam of the past decade, two professional speakers, and a USB-C speaker.

The software giant is hoping to benefit from the rapid adoption of Microsoft teams thanks to the many new hardware used alongside collaboration software.

Last year, Microsoft released an approved Microsoft Teams devices plan for third-party products that feature dedicated Microsoft Teams buttons and high-end microphones for making workplace calls.

Since then, peripheral maker Logitech and headphone maker Jabra have launched products that meet the requirements, and Microsoft is closely following.

After a long absence, the company today launched a new breed of modern web cameras that provide 1080p video at 30 frames per second and support HDR technology.

The webcam can be attached to your device, table or tripod with a standard 78 ° field of view and True Look functions such as face retouching, steady lighting setting, and autofocus.

When privacy is a concern, the webcam has a built-in shutter and LED indicator so you can step away from the camera when needed.

Microsoft said: The new webcam is designed for face-to-face calls, including Microsoft Teams meetings.

In terms of design, the webcam looks like an updated version of the LifeCam HD 3000 that was originally released in 2011, but the bezels are more rounded.

Weighing in at 88.3 grams, it's about 8 grams lighter than an old webcam, and can be purchased for $ 70 in June.

The new headphones include newer models (wired and wireless) and Surface Headphones 2+.

Both come with a Microsoft Teams button that places the app at the front of your computer screen. This allows you to quickly join meetings, review missed calls and voicemail.

However, a USB dongle is required for the supported functions.

The $ 300 Surface 2+ Speaker delivers a snug fit with a rotatable cup lid while simultaneously active noise reduction.

Microsoft added that Microsoft Teams certification can improve remote communication.

Surface Headphones 2+ are now available. Wired headphones will be available at $ 50 in June.

Microsoft said: It will share details about wireless headphones soon.

The modern USB-C amplifier costs $ 100 and will be available in June. It has a prominent Microsoft Teams button and additional controls for calls and volume for two microphones.

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