WhatsApp will help you to buy diamond rings while banned
WhatsApp will help you to buy diamond rings while banned

Jewelry store Gismondi 1754 used WhatsApp messaging and sold a diamond ring worth 300,000 euros to a wealthy Swiss customer after Italy announced a new ban due to the Coronavirus and closed its stores in March.

The pandemic has forced luxury companies to use social media platforms, videos and virtual galleries to attract high net worth clients in Europe. At that time, Chinese tourists had been absent for more than a year.

Retailers reopened across most of the UK and Italy on Monday, but France remained closed, access to Germany was restricted and most stores required a negative test for the coronavirus.

Additionally, this trend appears to continue selling outside the traditional branch network without replacing the physical branches.

The business shutdown means wealthy Europeans can spend money on luxury hotels and restaurants, and these brands are eager to take advantage of it.

Brands like Hermès are conservative when it comes to selling online, so they have to embrace ecommerce entirely.

Luxury brands are also investing in converting sellers into individual buyers who care about very important customers by bringing goods home and staying in touch.

Most of the brands are now posting products to social media and showing product videos to customers.

Before the pandemic, Gismond had no plans to sell a 10-karat diamond ring for 300,000 euros on WhatsApp in 1754 without showing it to customers in person.

Gismondi 1754 CEO said: I spoke on the phone to the lady who bought it and it turned out to be a dream for her.

From that moment on, she started exchanging messages and video calls with the lady over WhatsApp to find the perfect ring design for her home.

In addition to selling online, Louis Vuitton has also started moving its stores to the doors of wealthy American customers.

The Louis Vuitton Dating Through event has set up its own shop for customers offering personalized products ranging from leather goods to watches and fragrances for customers who choose to service.

The Gucci CEO said in February that revenue from telemarketing (or sales outside the global store network) had risen sharply over the past year. To this end, the company has trained 400 sales representatives in 16 countries.

The CEO of Prada said: We have gone from being a seller who shows you products to someone who has also done marketing activities to understand customers, understand their tastes and habits, communicate with them and send them products.

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