Amazon has installed the ZenBooth Meditation Kiosk in its warehouse
Amazon has installed the ZenBooth Meditation Kiosk in its warehouse

Amazon unveiled a little kiosk to help exhausted employees de-stress it called ZenBooth, which is a tiny room the size of a phone booth.

Tired warehouse workers can temporarily reduce the stressful work with these stalls.

"AmaZen plans to guide employees through meditation practices at the various interactive kiosks around the building," the company said.

The kiosk is part of Amazon's WorkWell program that was announced earlier this month.

WorkWell stands for combination of physical and mental activity with meditation and a healthy diet that contributes to rejuvenation.

In fact, employees sit in a stall with plants, brochures, fans, and computers to play employee-selected videos.

This booth is an idea of ​​an employee named Lily Brown (Lily Brown). He said: I hope with AmaZen to create a quiet space where people can focus on mental and emotional health.

She added: ZenBooth is an interactive kiosk where you can view your mental health library and mental practices for fuel.

Amazon problem:

When Amazon has trouble dealing with employee and worker injuries, the kiosk is there.

It has also been criticized for issues such as 10-hour shift work and anti-union intimidation.

It appears that the idea of ​​saving situations rather than dealing with basic workers' rights has not gotten a good response.

Several Twitter users mocked the company information about the self-service kiosk and asked the kiosk to solve the problem of proper wages and better working conditions.

It is not clear when Amazon employees will be able to use the kiosks.

Workers recently filed a lawsuit against the company for failing to take the 30-minute break required by law.

In addition, the company should monitor wireless communication equipment to avoid problems during breaks.

Employees also complained about long-term changes in personnel. Therefore, they cannot rest for 10 minutes.

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