Screenshot tool added to Google Chrome for Android
Screenshot tool added to Google Chrome for Android

Last year, Google Chrome mobile browser introduced a custom shared menu to replace the default list.

The Android browser now adds a built-in screenshot tool.

If you want to share something via the Google Chrome browser for Android, the full list, or the address bar, the share list scrolls up.

Since version 85 was released in August, Google has renewed this so that the page name, URL, and bookmark icon of the current website you are visiting are displayed at the top.

A number of applications are also shown. On the left side of these apps there is more information which is used by default to unlock Android.

The last line becomes the primary site for operations like copying links, sending links to devices, QR code, and printing.

Some users of Google Chrome browser version 91 for Android have found a screenshot tool.

The entire screen including the omnibox is captured by the bottom bar, which contains the cropping, text and drawing tools.

The text interface is neat as the current box contains shortcuts for cropping, zooming in, and tilting the corners by dragging and deleting.

At the same time, you can choose from 18 colors. You can use this tool to undo and redo.

When done, click Next in the upper right. You will see the option to share this screenshot, save it with the device only, or delete it.

This middleware treats the command as downloading a file from the Internet. It will appear in Google Chrome's built-in download manager.

Google Chrome released Android version 91 earlier this week. The "Screen Capture" tool in the "Share" menu is marked "New".

Although this functionality is somewhat duplicated with the encoder introduced in Android 11 and updated in Android 12, users still love this option because screenshots are a way to record what they see on the web and in apps today.

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