Amazon partners with Tile to counter Apple's AirTag
Amazon partners with Tile to counter Apple's AirTag

Amazon is expanding its network of connected devices to compete with Apple's new AirTag and other technologies.

Amazon announced a partnership with Tile, a company that makes lost item trackers, and Level, a smart lock, to use these devices to enhance the Bluetooth-based wireless tracking network.

The number of devices on a particular tracking network is the key to its accuracy. This is one of the reasons why so many people think Apple's tracking network is so powerful because it relies on more than a billion iPhones, iPads and Macs to track losses. Partial information.

Tile has spoken out strongly against Apple's entry into the lost and found realm, and recently told Congress that it and other app developers are concerned about Apple's policies regarding third-party apps and device accessories.

Thanks to Amazon's partnership, Tile and Level devices can take advantage of the Bluetooth network built by millions of Echo products, using Sidewalk's tracking network.

Tile will partner with the Amazon Network on June 14th.

Sidewalk was launched in the second half of last year and is known as a free cross-community network sharing service. This service uses Echo devices as a network bridge to share a small portion of users' low-bandwidth wireless networks with devices like Echo. Resonators and cameras.

Tile devices are used in conjunction with Sidewalk by integrating compatible Echo devices to extend the coverage of the Tile network and make it easier for users to safely locate keys, wallets, and other items.

According to Amazon, Sidewalk is still using Alexa to improve the internal Tile experience as customers can ask Alexa to find lost items. The tile tracker will ring to indicate the location of your missing items.

Amazon added: Users connecting multiple echo devices to the dock can find lost items in their homes faster.

The second partnership between Sidewalk and Level allows users to control locking through the Ring and Level apps without needing to access their mobile device's Bluetooth range.

In addition to relying on the mobile device's Bluetooth connection, Level Lock can also connect directly to a compatible Ring Video Doorbell Pro using the two devices' shared Bluetooth connection on the dock.

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