Apple AirTag Tracker has hidden developer menu
Apple AirTag Tracker has hidden developer menu

The owner of Apple's AirTag tracker accidentally detected a hidden developer mode in the screen surface. When you enable advanced search to find any of the company's project trackers, the Find My app will display this mode.

The precise search feature provides users with specific on-screen instructions to find nearby AirTag products.

IPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models with the iPhone U1 chip can use this feature, which combines camera input, augmented reality, audio, ultrafast wireless technology and haptic feedback to find tracking objects.

After clicking the item name four times in the precise search interface, a hidden mode overlay will appear that displays real-time diagnostics and technical information about how the feature works, including accelerometer, gyroscope, haptic feedback, screen resolution, tracking animation, and more.

The hidden menu shows some background data the service uses, which you can access by opening the Find My app, selecting AirTag, and then clicking on your name five times in the upper left corner.

While some categories (such as device display) are clear, the meaning of all information is unclear.

The list appears to be a relic of Apple's development process, and the information likely came from an early beta version of the Find Me app.

One user suggested that the four sliders below indicate the different colors the screen changes to when approaching the item associated with an AirTag product.

The two sliders above are related to darkness and brightness of the camera. The name "sleep mode" appears to refer to a feature that conserves battery power. This feature provides a lower screen resolution because the Find My User interface includes an AR camera overlay that can be used to point you to your items.

The point options seem to indicate the number of points that are displayed on the screen, and these dots are part of the animation that appears whenever you get close to the target.

Apple sells one AirTag product for $ 29 and buys four AirTag packages for $ 99.

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