Google makes its voice assistant more useful for the family
Google makes its voice assistant more useful for the family

Google announced family-friendly improvements to its Google Assistant, including improved broadcasts, new ringtones, and new readable stories for children.

This update expands streaming tools that were previously limited to the smart speakers that can be seen on iPhones and Android devices.

With broadcast, you can send messages to all compatible devices simultaneously and create groups to decide who you want to call.

You can use Google to set up family radio groups for up to six parents. With the newly announced expansion, you can also call these members on their phones.

Just like a speakerphone or a Nest screen, the contact can now reply to your messages from your Android or iPhone device.

Google is also improving the Home Ringtone feature so you can set a similar alarm for school ringtones all day long.

From now on, you can ring the home bell on multiple devices in your home at the same time, not just one time.

Google has also added a new reminder feature to this feature, which allows you to set up regular reminders for your family.

The feature also supports eight new languages, including Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The assistant also provides educational content. This week, Google partnered with Pottermore Publishing to add the Harry Potter story to its library.

Using your smart screen or Android device, you can ask your assistant, “Tell me a Quidditch action story” to learn more about fantasy sports.

Google announced that more content will be released in "The Witcher World" later this year.

In addition to the novels, the assistant will receive new historical content from the Penguin Random House's Who's Who series, so you can hear stories about historical characters.

You can also play new games on smart screens that support processors, such as: B- Are you smarter than fifth graders?

Google has also released two new songs on the topic of tooth cleaning: Google's goal is to help kids with household chores and chores.

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