Apple announced a series of accessibility updates
Apple announced a series of accessibility updates

Apple announced a number of new and updated features specially designed for people with disabilities.

Beginning May 20, customers will be able to use the new SignTime interpretation service to contact AppleCare and Retail Customer Service through their web browser.

Later this year, software updates for iOS, watchOS, and iPadOS add expanded options for Assistive Touch, VoiceOver, hearing support, and background noise.

The new SignTime service will be launched for the first time in the US, UK and France and will provide remote interpretation services for American Sign Language, British Sign Language and French Sign Language.

Users can also use the service in Apple stores to receive translation services without prior reservation.

People with differences can use the assistive touch feature through watchOS, which allows them to use Apple smartwatches without touching the screen.

Apple said its smartwatch can sense muscle movement and tendon activity through its built-in sensors, so users can control the cursor, take calls, access notifications, and more. On the monitor screen, perform various actions and gestures.

IPadOS supports third-party eye tracking devices so that people with reduced mobility can move the cursor with a single touch and make eye contact operations without touching the screen.

VoiceOver, Apple's built-in screen reader, has also been updated to include more details in the image.

According to Apple, this update allows users to switch between pictures with text and worksheets with rows and columns, descriptions of people and things in pictures, and use tags to add descriptions of people and things in pictures.

Apple also plans to upgrade Made for iPhone hearing aids software to support two-way hearing aids.

Users can also upload their hearing test results to the Headphone Maintenance Room to make it easy to adjust the amplification function and the various frequencies.

For people with neurological diversity, Apple offers background sounds that can be combined with system and other sounds, including balanced, light or dark sounds, and sea or rain sounds, which can be set to run continuously and mask annoying noises.

Other features Apple plans to use later this year include the ability to use accents instead of physical buttons, custom display settings and text size in one app, and new Memoji options with cochlear implants, oxygen tubes and soft helmets.

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