Google's commitment to Matter could unite the smart home industry
Google's commitment to Matter could unite the smart home industry

Google announced several updates for its various software products at its annual developer conference this week. Plus Android, Wear, and its smart assistants, and much more, you haven't forgotten about the smart home.

The company has released some updates for Nest and Android products with the aim of joining the newly renamed Matter ecosystem.

Matter, formerly known as Project CHIP, is a collaboration between industry giants such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Samsung to standardize smart home systems.

Matter supports various protocols and assistants, including Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, as well as Bluetooth, wireless, and Ethernet.

Google said at its annual developer conference: It is committed to supporting Matter and bringing it to products that run Android and Nest functions.

Matter can simplify setup and interoperability so that your Android phone can take control of all Matter compatible devices by expanding support widely.

In theory, this means you can control your Echo or HomeKit speakers using your Android device.

According to Google, Android offers built-in support for Matter and a way to easily set up and control Matter certified devices.

It has also been announced that its products, including the Nest Wifi, Nest Hub Max, and Nest Hub (2nd generation), have become a hotspot for Matter devices with Thread.

In addition, the Nest screen and speakers will be automatically refreshed to control the Matter devices. Google pledges that whether you use Wi-Fi, Thread or Ethernet, you will get a faster and more reliable user experience.

To make it easier for users to understand all the assistant features, Google has also published a Smart Home guide that includes instructional videos, product reviews and ratings.

You can search for keywords or use the filters to narrow your search and see which device suits your needs.

Additionally, Google has added support for WebRTC to reduce latency for streaming video and audio in real time (from security cameras or video doorbells to televisions, monitors, or phones).

The company also strives to improve its home or home operations by automatically activating smart home operations based on the time of departure or return.

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