Apple is hinting to move to alternative payments
Apple is hinting to move to alternative payments

As the cryptocurrency market slowly recovers from last week's disastrous catastrophe, Apple has hinted that it will switch to alternative payments.

Alternative payment refers to the payment method that is used as an alternative to credit card payment.

Apple hopes to appoint a business development manager with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency industry to lead the Alternative Payments Partnership program.

Tech giant Apple has hired a business development manager with a focus on alternative payments.

Apple is looking for employees to join the e-wallet, payments, and trading team and assign specific jurisdictions to the major alternative payment partners.

According to the ad, the job seekers should have more than 5 years of experience working with alternative payment service providers, including digital wallets, BNPL, fast shipping, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Tech giant Cupertino announced that the director will be Apple's chief negotiator for alternative payments.

Apple and cryptocurrencies:

Given that Apple has stated that it does not want to enter into alternative payment partnerships, this job description alone is encouraging for the entire cryptocurrency market.

While it remains unclear whether Apple will accept other payment methods, these messages definitely show a change in direction.

The turbulent events and the last week of rejection had a negative effect on the cryptocurrency market.

With major banks, regulators and governing bodies not using cryptocurrencies, the market has collapsed just like it did in March 2020.

PayPal CEO Dan Shulman predicts that cash use will drop dramatically within ten years.

He also predicts that card usage will decrease and that most payments will be made through six to ten mobile apps.

Apple has imposed strict control on payments for a long time, especially in its App Store, which has never accepted customers' cryptocurrencies and requires all existing apps to use Apple's rules.

This tightly controlled ecosystem is at the heart of Epic Games' massive litigation.

Epic Games claimed the iPhone maker's rules violated antitrust laws and stifled payments innovation.

In the lawsuit, Epic Games claimed that app developers can accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies if they do not comply with Apple's restrictions.

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