Apple rejected 1 million new apps in 2020
Apple rejected 1 million new apps in 2020

Apple rejected nearly a million apps that were first introduced to its app store in 2020.

The statement is the latest sign that Apple is becoming more transparent about how iPhone app censors are approved and rejected, including lawsuits from Epic Games and regulatory concerns from regulators.

Apple argues that with a single system, the company can simultaneously approve 1.8 million apps and their updates in the store, and verify those apps against a long list of rules. The app store that can protect iPhone users from fraud. Inexpensive malware attacks. A high-quality user experience.

Apple offers a variety of stats about the decline process for 2020:

  •     Nearly one million initial requests were rejected.
  •     Approximately 1 million app updates were rejected.
  •     48,000 apps removed with hidden or undocumented features.
  •     150,000 apps deleted because they were copied from another app.
  •     215,000 apps deleted because a lot of user data or other privacy-violating information was collected.
  •     95,000 rogue apps removed, usually because they were replaced by other types of apps after Apple's review.
  •     470,000 developer accounts have been suspended due to fraud.

Additionally, Apple said: Last month, Apple rejected 3.2 million app installations that use company certificates. This is a great way to escape from the App Store by using the tools large companies use to install internal apps through the iPhone.

Epic Games' antitrust case against Apple focuses on the failure of the App Store.

Epic Games has attempted to force Apple to provide its own app store for the iPhone and bypass Apple's commission for in-app purchases.

Attorneys for Epic Games have argued that the App Store is holding back competing software makers and that Apple's rules do not apply to different developers.

Apple said in court that between 2017 and 2019, a combination of 500 manual references and automated inspections was used to review nearly 5 million requests, including updates, each year with a rejection rate of between 33% and 36%.

Apple employees argued in court that they made very few mistakes compared to the size of the App Store.

Apple's defense of the App Store is an integral part of its business and it has stated that it is the only way for consumers to install software through the iPhone.

A company attorney said last week: As with Android, installing software from outside the App Store is a security risk, and Apple doesn't want it to be Android.

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