Huawei faces new hard drive tightening
Huawei faces new hard drive tightening

When the Republican senator asked the chief executives of Toshiba, Seagate and Western Digital, the Chinese company Huawei faces more stress on flash drives if it mistakenly supplies Huawei with external storage drives.

Chief Trade Commissioner Roger Walker said: The US Department of Commerce Regulations 2020 are designed to enhance Huawei's ability to purchase products that are direct products of specific US technology or software, such as: B. USB stick.

He said he was participating in a process to investigate regulatory compliance by the world's leading storage engine providers.

In a statement, Western Digital said: According to new regulations from the Ministry of Commerce, shipment to Huawei stopped in mid-September 2020. We applied for a license to ship to Huawei in September 2020, but we are doing so. Requirements. I am still waiting.

Wicker asked these companies whether they believed regulations prohibit sending USB drives to Huawei or unauthorized partners, as well as the status of all license requests to ship covered products to Huawei.

Wicker also repeated the speech of Trade Minister Gina Raimondo (Gina Raimondo), encouraging her to take action against any company that found fraud in any part of the base, claiming that Huawei had done serious harm to national security.

The US Commerce Department measures in August were also aimed at preventing the Chinese company from acquiring commercially available chips.

In August, former President Donald Trump's administration placed 38 Huawei companies in 21 countries on the US government's economic blacklist. Since Huawei's arrival in May 2019, the total has increased. To 152 affiliated companies.

Washington has campaigned for governments around the world to force Huawei to pressure it, arguing that the company was providing the Chinese government with data on how it carried out spying activities while the company was opposing these activities. Spying on China.

US sanctions against the company have prevented the company from acquiring key technologies from the United States. This affects the ability to develop its own chips and components sourced from third-party suppliers and has weakened the company's actions in the smartphone business.

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