Facebook is adding new revenue tools for game streaming operators
Facebook is adding new revenue tools for game streaming operators

Game makers continue to build large communities and make huge profits with the Facebook gaming platform.

Facebook wants content creators to have more tools to generate the income they need to grow from the platform.

Video on demand is very popular on Facebook. The platform will focus on video-on-demand games to give creators the tools and support they need.

Facebook hopes to invest in helping game makers use the resources they provide to reach as many people as possible with their content, either directly or on demand.

Facebook has added a new monetization feature and will continue to add support for video-on-demand games in the coming weeks and months.

Video game stars on demand:

Facebook is testing people's ability to send stars while watching on-demand gaming videos.

Superstars are an effective way for viewers to support your live broadcasts.

You can set star goals for videos in the dashboard and track them in real time based on star ratings received from viewers.

For eligible VoD content, stars and bars indicate messages with stars and animations are triggered when stars are sent.

To deepen the relationship between creators and their fans, Facebook has added tools that can respond to older senders individually or in batches.

This feature is currently being tested with a small group of creators and will roll out more widely soon.

Interstitial ads can also be shown to seasoned game developers creating video content if required.

Rest time on site during live broadcast:

Facebook continues to experiment with new ways for live game makers to earn money while engaging with the community.

The platform is testing Live Breaks, a new form of in-game advertising for game makers through affiliate programs to earn money and entertain audiences.

Direct stop triggered manually within 30, 90 or 150 seconds of interpolation. This contains a mix of the currently running video ad and creator provided content.

The Activity Interval is only available to a limited number of Partner Game Makers and should be made available to more people after the testing phase.

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