It could release a new Nintendo Switch in September
It could release a new Nintendo Switch in September

Nintendo plans to begin assembling the new Switch in early July and release an updated version of its 4-year-old game console in September or October.

The new platform could be announced ahead of E3 to allow publishers to show all Switch games at world events.

It retails for $ 199 with the Switch Lite, and over time the standard switch will be out of date.

The price for the new platform can be over $ 299 more than the original version.

New Nintendo Switch:

Collectors will start shipping new models as early as July. Production will peak in October through December.

Despite its widespread shortage of semiconductors, this has had an effect on power supplies from cars to televisions, headphones, and game consoles to the consoles themselves.

Nintendo is expected to compete with the next-generation platform Sony and Microsoft launched in November to keep gamers interested.

Both Sony and Microsoft platforms can improve visual resolution, speed, and performance.

Switchmaker's response has been to update its flagship platform with a 7-inch OLED display and NVIDIA graphics processor so it can deliver 4K output when connected to a TV.

In China, more expensive components and increased labor costs can increase the price of new switches. Since its launch in March 2017, the current price of the device has remained stable above $ 300.

Despite an ongoing shortage of chipsets, sellers remain convinced that they meet Nintendo's requirements.

Production line configuration for possible component replacement. The coins used by Nintendo are less competitive than the coins on the high-performance platforms of its competitors.

However, there is no guarantee that the company will be able to meet the needs of consumers. Due to the shortage of integrated circuits and bluetooth chips, the current production of switches has stopped several times.

Nintendo said earlier this month that demand for the Switch remains high. She added that the company is not able to produce the required number of pallets.

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