Google has a smart drawing board that can collaborate on work
Google has a smart drawing board that can collaborate on work

Google's suite of online productivity apps has changed the way many of us work. These apps opened up a new way of working in the world after their launch 15 years ago.

Compared to old tools designed for the age of personal work on desktop devices, these applications allow for teamwork anytime and anywhere.

Instead of editing Microsoft Word documents offline, we have an online app that can work seamlessly with colleagues.

Google now goes a step further with the introduction of Smart Panel, a feature that makes apps like Google Drive smarter and more flexible.

With the help of the smart dashboard, you can edit forms and documents without leaving the Google chat room and direct calls to documents or slide files.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google (Sundar Pichai) said: We have seen business change in unprecedented ways. It's no longer just a place, many of us are now in the kitchen and dining room pandemic.

Google hopes to make online collaboration smoother with its smart drawing board, just as you struggle with your co-workers.

With the help of the smart dashboard, you can perform actions like link to other documents, tag colleagues, and quickly assign tasks without leaving Google Docs.

You can also use easily accessible building blocks to convert blank documents into content that you can use to quickly manage complex projects.

Although these features are not necessarily major features, they can save time for teams that rely heavily on the Google Workplace app.

Google said the feature won't be immediately available: It will be integrated directly into meetings, documents, slides, and spreadsheets this fall, and you can currently present files directly at the meeting.

You can think of Smart Canvas as an extended version of Google's existing productivity suite.

Smartboards can change the way you work by eliminating unwanted language in documents, providing better suggestions, and providing you with a single document that can be used to work on large projects effectively.

Google is working hard to improve the apps that thousands of people use every day, such as Docs, Sheets and Slides, to make them more flexible, interactive, and smarter.

With Smart Canvas, the search giant can deliver content and connections, making collaboration a better and richer Google Workspace experience.

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