Google wants to use Project Starline to convert you into a hologram
Google wants to use Project Starline to convert you into a hologram

Google has created a next-generation video chat room that allows the person you chat with to appear in front of you in 3D, eliminating the need for glasses for the future of immersive video chatting.

Google has launched Project Starline, which combines specialized hardware and computer vision technology to create a 3D model of the person you're chatting with, making it appear as if it is sitting right in front of you.

Google said in the preview of the project: You can see it from different angles through navigation and even eye contact.

She added: We are using computer vision, machine learning, spatial sound exploration and real-time typing to make this experience possible, and we have developed a system that displays the fields of light that can make an impression. Size and depth. Experienced, don't wear glasses.

The Starline project uses multiple cameras and sensors to capture what a person looks like from different angles.

The platform integrates this information into a 3D model that is sent in real time to the people talking about it.

In Google's preview, Project Starline was used to make face-to-face calls (rather than group chats), and it looks like both sides are using special technology to make sure they're all working well.

In an explanatory video, people using technology describe how they see others as if they were in the same room.

The system is currently large and appears to be a fully equipped cabin with lights, cameras and seats.

Google said: It relies on equipment designed for this purpose and very specialized equipment, as the booth contains more than ten different depth sensors and a bright 65-inch field screen that allows people to appear in 3D images.

In the past decade, light field technology has appeared in some promising applications, but it has not yet been popularized and can clearly display 3D images to people.

Video chat rooms are currently only available in a few Google offices, and the company has spent thousands of hours testing the technology with its employees.

The company plans to test the technology with business partners later this year. According to Google, health and media are two areas that you want to comment on.

After a year of relying on video chatting and the company’s plans to rely on video chatting more than ever, the promise of a more realistic call is thrilling.

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