Google is the market leader with 3 billion Android devices
Google is the market leader with 3 billion Android devices

Google announced that there are now 3 billion active Android devices, which again shows it to be the most used operating system in the world.

Google announced the achievement at its annual Google I / O Developer Conference 2021, which focuses on developers developing Android and AI applications.

With 3 billion Android devices, Google maintains a leading position over Apple. Apple reported 1.65 billion active iOS and macOS devices in January, up from 1.4 billion a year ago.

Google launched Android in 2008 and announced that its Android devices were 2.5 million in 2019, so it has grown by about 500 million in the last two years.

Microsoft announced in April this year that 1.3 billion Windows 10 devices were active every month, a year after reaching the two-year goal of $ 1 billion.

Google said in 2017: Android has reached 2 billion active users and in 2014 it said: It has 1 billion active Android users, which means that Google has tripled its Android user base in the past six years.

Even though the number of Android devices connected to Google Play is now twice the number of iOS devices connected to the App Store, Apple still generates more revenue than Google from app sales.

In the first quarter of 2021, iOS users spent around $ 21 billion on apps, while Android users spent around $ 11 billion on apps.

Google has also released a full version of Android 12 with the first public beta. This appears to be a significant update that includes a new user interface, privacy features and improvements.

Google tracks Apple when it comes to privacy, as it promises Android 12 will provide users with more information about what data the app can access.

Google said: It has also terminated app permissions and has a new privacy dashboard that provides 24-hour viewing of location, microphone, and camera.

In Android 12, the user knows in real time when the app is pressing the device's microphone or camera, and prompts the developer to trick the user into clicking first and then accessing those sensors.

Google also has 12 options that Android users can access when turning off the app's camera and microphone.

Users can also specify that the accuracy of all location data should be shared with the app, and Android will notify the user when the app reads the data from the clipboard.

Google says: Android 12 is our most ambitious privacy release yet.

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