You can use the Google Chrome browser to change the compromised password
You can use the Google Chrome browser to change the compromised password

Google Chrome browser has a powerful built-in password manager. The company announced a new browser feature at its annual developer conference that will guide you through the process of changing the leaked password via an assistive website.

The password is hard to remember, which is why many of us use the same password on multiple websites.

However, this approach is very risky as cracking a single password can cause you to lose your account information from many different websites.

Changing the password itself is also a daunting task: you have to go to the site, log in, find the account settings, open the passwords page, make the changes, and then save.

Google Chrome can now quickly and safely fix all leaked passwords that have been breached. At this point, the company has checked the security of your passwords over a period of time.

Now Google Chrome can help you to change your password with just one click.

If you confirm the password and the browser finds a potentially stolen password, Google Chrome will provide a button to change the password on a supported website.

When you click the button, the browser will access the site and finish changing the password.

You can control the entire experience and start the password change process manually from the beginning or at any time during the process.

If no website is supported yet, you can use Google Chrome Password Manager to create secure and unique passwords for different accounts.

Google Chrome uses double-sided printing to perform this feature, which the company first introduced in 2019, so Google Assistant can help you with tasks on the web like buying movie tickets.

The feature has since expanded to other roles, and the company now helps millions of people order food and check flights every week.

The Google Assistant, powered by Duplex, can do the boring part of web browsing, including scrolling, clicking and filling in forms, giving you the freedom to focus on the things that matter to you.

Google plans to expand this capabilities further so that you can quickly generate a strong password for specific sites and apps if Google Chrome detects that your data has been lost online.

Users who are gradually syncing passwords offer the automatic password change feature in the Google Chrome browser on Android.

This feature has launched in the United States and will be available in more locations and in more countries / regions in the coming months.

Google Security Engineering Center GSEC has developed password generation, password leak checking, automatic password changes, and other security features. The center is made up of experts and engineers for data protection and security in Munich. The center opened in 2019.

The Google Security Engineering Center is home to the engineering team dedicated to providing the most secure personal browsing experience for everyone. Google hopes to introduce more new features in 2021 to improve the privacy and security of the Google Chrome browser.

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