Google rediscovers RSS with the follow the site function
Google rediscovers RSS with the follow the site function

Google is testing a new feature of the Google Chrome browser on Android that allows users to track websites to keep an updated list of new content they post.

This feature is based on RSS (an open source web standard) that was previously the basis for many popular web tools, including Google Reader, which no longer exists.

Eight years after the sudden demise of Google Reader, Google is back in the era of RSS adoption.

The test scope is small, and only Chrome Canary users in certain parts of the United States (Google Chrome developer version with access to experimental features) can choose to view which websites are accessible.

Users can access these websites through their browser menus and then compile updates into a map-based feed that appears when the user opens a new tab.

Although this is only a preliminary test, it is important for users who may not be familiar with RSS as the technology allows you to manage a personalized feed of new content from your websites. Favorite web, blogs, and podcasts.

While tools using these extracts were very popular, they have been banned for a number of reasons.

Many people believe that the demise of RSS is a turning point for the web as the timeline and decentralization have been replaced by the interactive algorithms of the social media giants.

Google's Adrienne Porter Felt tweeted that the following feed is based on RSS and the company is building it to meet users' needs. The feature mainly relies on RSS to pull content from the website, but it can also use exploration bots.

Google recommends that websites keep their RSS feeds up-to-date so that Google Chrome can have the most up-to-date content, and it also requires input from publishers, bloggers, creatives, and web users.

The company said, "We're looking at how to simplify the experience of getting the latest and greatest websites you love directly in Google Chrome, based on the RSS standard on the open web."

"Our vision is to help people connect directly with their favorite online publishers and creators," she added.

News of this feature comes on the heels of the annual Google I / O Developers Conference in 2021, which saw the unveiling of a number of new products, including the next version of Android and Wear OS, as well as images, maps, and search updates.

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