With Tik Tok you can delete annoying comments in one go
With Tik Tok you can delete annoying comments in one go

With TikTok, creators can quickly report spam. With today's update, many (up to 100) annotations can be selected simultaneously so that creators can delete and report them or block a large number of numbers.

TikTok said: Today we're introducing a new way to make it easier for creators to interact with their content. People put a lot of effort creating creative content with TikTok and we know we're getting bad reviews. You may find yourself getting frustrated while browsing the video.

She added: Users can now select and delete checkboxes in bulk, such as in an incoming email.

Previously, creators had to go step-by-step when flagging, removing, or blocking. So this new system should help and even encourage people to delete comments that they don't want to see.

This feature is especially useful on TikTok as the network algorithm can instantly turn anyone into a star and make them suddenly appear in front of thousands of unfamiliar viewers.

This is how hobbyists and content producers can receive spam, and the platform should allow them to deal with it on a scale commensurate with the large number of Tik Tok video viewers.

TikTok said: This feature will be rolling out in certain markets around the world today and in the coming weeks.

This feature is the latest in its suite of anti-bullying features, including options that can be individually approved before viewing comments. Also, users can reconsider their posts after telling TikTok that they believe their content is against the community's rules.

The platform suffers from bullying. In a 2020 survey conducted by the security research firm Security.org, parents of children who use social media reported that 64% of their children were victims of Tik Tok cyberbullying behavior, which makes it better than Instagram. It is considered the most popular platform.

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