Xiaomi wins after being removed from the US blacklist
Xiaomi wins after being removed from the US blacklist

Court documents show that the US Defense Department is removing the Chinese Xiaomi phone from the government blacklist, paving the way for future US investments in the Beijing smartphone maker.

The guard said that the two sides agreed to resolve the ongoing dispute between the two sides without further disagreement, ending the brief and controversial controversy between the hardware company and Washington.

A Xiaomi spokesperson said: The company is paying close attention to the latest developments but has not revealed any details.

Earlier this year, the US Defense Department, headed by the Trump administration, identified the company as a subsidiary of the Chinese military and included it in its list of restrictions on US investment in business.

Seven other Chinese companies have similar restrictions.

Xiaomi defended itself by taking legal action against the US government, describing its status as illegal and unconstitutional, and denied any connection to the Chinese military.

In March, a federal judge led by the new Biden administration banned the use of the blacklist temporarily on the grounds that the legal basis for the US blockade was fundamentally flawed.

Shortly after the win, Reuters reported that other Chinese companies blacklisted the same are studying similar lawsuits.

Xiaomi has become one of the most famous Chinese technology companies attacked by former President Donald Trump (Donald Trump) due to former President Donald Trump's ties to the Chinese military.

Trump has made fighting the rise of Beijing a priority in the economic and foreign policy of his administration.

As the domestic competitor to Xiaomi smartphones, Huawei was also added to the export blacklist in 2019 and denied access to key technologies of American origin, which had an impact on designing its own chipset and purchasing components from external suppliers.

These measures paralyzed the company's smartphone division.

As a result, the US Department of Defense has imposed similar restrictions on the Chinese international semiconductor manufacturer SMIC, which is a powerful driver of Chinese patriotism to promote the development of the domestic chip industry.

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