Instagram displays live video stats
Instagram displays live video stats

Instagram has started rolling out new metrics for live videos and roles across the platform. This feature allows content creators to better understand their online performance.

Instagram gives its users with merchant accounts and content producers access to various metrics, called stats, that show them the performance of their posts.

Social media now gives them access to more data by enabling role statistics and live video.

Although live video has been available on the platform for a while, Reels is still a relatively new feature as Instagram launched on Instagram last year after months of testing and offers users a built-in alternative to TikTok for the app.

With the new stats, users can see the number of games, likes, comments, saves, and shares your videos receive on Reel, as well as the number of accounts they have accessed.

For live videos, the 'Statistics' page displays the number of comments and approvals received, the number of accounts received and the largest number of viewers reached at the same time.

Additionally, Instagram has also refreshed the Account Stats page, which can be accessed from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner. There you will find more useful information.

The audience section divides the accounts that interact with user content into subscribers and non-subscribers.

Additionally, the coverage section ranks content based on coverage and account type interaction so that users can understand which content is most effective for their target audience.

Instagram will also roll out a new preset date range option on the stats page in the coming months so that users can filter the data in other ways instead of looking at the last 7 or 30 days.

Users will be able to access statistical data from desktop in the near future.

The platform promises more feature updates later this year to help companies expand their target audiences and attract their subscribers.

This update will be released a few weeks after Apple launched iOS 14.5 with an app-tracking transparency strategy.

Instagram now needs to obtain permission before tracking users, and it needs to provide other tools for content producers to better understand audiences and help companies use the product-sharing platform to monetize the product.

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