Microsoft is converting Surface Duo into a portable Xbox
Microsoft is converting Surface Duo into a portable Xbox

Microsoft is close to converting the Surface Duo into a portable game console, and many are hoping that the Xbox Touch controls in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will add new support for custom layouts.

Microsoft was looking forward to an Xbox-like mobile experience with the Surface Duo when the device was launched nearly two years ago.

After launching Surface Duo last year, Microsoft added support for Xbox Touch controls on mobile devices in the Xbox Game Pass app.

When it comes to Surface Duo, these controls don't take full advantage of the unique design of dual-screen devices.

Software giant Xbox Duo has backed up the new xCloud Android app update on two screens to customize the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate app layout. In addition, enhancements have been made to improve the gameplay of the Surface Duo dual screen and a wider aspect ratio.

The update enables Surface Duo owners to use a virtual gamepad on one screen of their device and games on another. This makes the Surface Duo more like a Nintendo 3DS than a phone. Touch type controls for games.

Microsoft said: If you click Surface Duo in configuration mode (which allows you to use the device like a laptop in landscape mode), you can create custom control layouts for more than 50 games offered by Xbox. Game Pass Ultimate.

This semi-foldable setup displays the Xbox Game Pass you're playing with the touchscreen controls at the top and bottom.

You can also use custom commands to display content, navigate menus, and even create vertical button settings.

Since Microsoft's Xbox Touch Control uses the Surface Duo display as the default controller, you won't need any external accessories or accessories. All you have to do is order Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

You can use a Bluetooth controller or a standard Xbox console to stream games to Surface Duo.

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