Microsoft ditches icons of the Windows 95 era
Microsoft ditches icons of the Windows 95 era

Microsoft will update the icons for the Windows 95 era. As part of a full visual update scheduled for later this year, the software giant is gradually improving the icons used in Windows 10.

A number of new system icons appeared in March, including new file explorers, folders, recycle boxes, drive icons, and more.

Microsoft is now considering updating icons for the era of Windows 10, and you'll still find these icons in Windows 10 sometimes.

Windows Latest has found new icons for hibernate, network, storage, floppy drive, etc. As part of the shell32.dll file in the preview version of Windows 10.

The new icon closely mimics those already in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Launcher, and other products.

The shell32.dll file is an important part of the Windows shell. It displays icons in different dialogs across the operating system and is the reason why Windows icons have been inconsistent over the years.

This work to improve Windows consistency is part of fixing Windows 10 design, codenamed Sun Valley.

Visual changes are expected to appear in Windows 10 Update 21H2, released in October, so Windows Insider testers can understand the changes introduced by Windows 10 sooner rather than later.

Microsoft hasn't officially separated its Sun Valley work, but the action list released earlier this year didn't include a complete visual makeover for Windows.

So far, Microsoft has released new system icons for Windows 10, as well as improvements to File Explorer and larger Windows 10 icons that have appeared over the past year.

The rounded corners are an important part of Sun Valley, and changes have been made to the built-in apps, the "Start" menu, more Fluent Design features, the "Dark Mode" experience, and other features to keep the desktop look the same still very different from the current version . Windows 10 operating system.

More information about Sun Valley is expected to be released later this month at Microsoft's Build conference or as part of a Windows News event.

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