Microsoft offers a vision for the future of conference
Microsoft offers a vision for the future of conference

Microsoft's vision for future office meetings is based on a hybrid model that combines remote access and personal work.

The company's new Microsoft Teams concept video, released before the Microsoft Build conference, shows a world where remote workers can be seen on a large screen, built in hidden microphones and more.

While the company has been introducing new concepts to Microsoft teams in the past few months, it has now begun to restore the updated user interface for the communications software, which allows remote co-workers to be integrated into physical conference rooms.

The video describes Microsoft's plan to include a larger screen to allow face-to-face meetings with nearby colleagues.

The company plans to place the camera at eye level in the conference room to improve visual and spatial communication, and to help you hear the voices of your co-workers when you are in contact with them.

This spatial sound should also give you a sense of the presence of your distant roommates.

However, this futuristic meeting room appears to be demanding of a lot of equipment as customers need new smart cameras that can detect and visualize conversations, loudspeakers that can emit spatial noise, and even microphones built into the ceiling.

Microsoft itself could bring some of these devices to the market, as the company recently started selling smart speakers to Microsoft teams to start the conference room scene in the future.

This futuristic conference room is part of Microsoft's extensive effort to prepare to see it as a blended business style so that more employees can work remotely or away from the office.

Satya Nadella, the company's CEO, described the company's approach in a blog post: Working together is the biggest change in the way our generation works, and this approach requires a way to cover people. A new paradigm for places and operations.

Microsoft is releasing a guide on how to provide data and research conducted during the pandemic to companies looking to adopt a hybrid model.

Microsoft has gradually moved its Redmond headquarters over the past few months, and is making remote meetings a priority.

“Microsoft meeting minutes are becoming the fastest growing type of content, and employees now expect all meeting information to be delivered quickly when needed, at a time that suits them,” said Nadella.

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