Microsoft Teams offers enhanced offerings across Windows and macOS
Microsoft Teams offers enhanced offerings across Windows and macOS

In April, Microsoft began testing PowerPoint Live integration with Microsoft Teams for Windows. This technology provides a new viewing experience that allows users to instantly share their PowerPoint presentations with an audience.

As expected, this new feature will also be available on macOS in June.

With PowerPoint Live, the software giant hopes for a seamless integration between Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Live appears to solve many of the issues associated with making presentations using the Microsoft Video Conferencing Platform, as different programs can now work together more seamlessly.

Once activated, Microsoft Teams users do not need to manually upload PowerPoint (.ppt) files and share their computer screen with the audience. Presenter can also open a new PowerPoint app or split screen in Microsoft Teams.

There are two ways to access PowerPoint Live. You can run PowerPoint and click the "Show in Team" button in the upper right corner. Your content will automatically appear in an active Microsoft Teams meeting.

Note that this method works if you are in a meeting and both apps use the same Microsoft 365 account.

You can also access PowerPoint Live through the Microsoft Teams sharing user interface. To do this, click the "Share" button and select a file in the "PowerPoint Live" section.

When using PowerPoint Live, the presentation experience is seamless, and you can view chat and content at the same time.

The roadmap continues to say that the PowerPoint Live integration will begin in May, but the plan appears to have changed.

Microsoft now plans to launch PowerPoint Live in early June and finish releasing the product before the end of the month. Microsoft said: We will launch this feature in early June and hope to finish it by the end of June.

According to Microsoft, users must meet the following requirements in order to take advantage of the new viewing experience:

  •     Use the latest version of Microsoft Teams app and PowerPoint on your computer.
  •     Store presentations via OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.
  •     Please join the meeting before clicking the Join Team button in PowerPoint.
  •     Use a government license for Office 365 E3 / A3, Office 365 E5 / A5, or Microsoft 365.

This message was sent after Microsoft announced that the video conferencing platform will automatically record all meetings soon. At the start of the call, an alert is displayed to inform the user that the meeting will be recorded if the recording is available for download and listening. . After the call, talk again.

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