WhatsApp website might face much needed changes
WhatsApp website might face much needed changes

Facebook's WhatsApp platform is basically a mobile app, but the web version and computer apps can also be used on it, making life easier for people who want to keep chatting using their desktop or laptop computer.

Since 2015, platforms using computer applications have enabled the synchronization of conversations from mobile applications, and although these non-mobile versions of WhatsApp are undoubtedly easy to use, they have significant limitations.

To use the WhatsApp platform or the web application on your computer at this time, you should always take your mobile phone with you.

If beta is a good measure of what could happen, it seems that the days of using a phone's camera to scan a QR code to log into WhatsApp are over.

Having a mobile phone with you is the main limitation of spreading WhatsApp on the web or computer applications, and users have been looking for this change for a long time.

Now WhatsApp appears to be listening to the request and testing online apps that do not require a phone connection.

The latest version of the WhatsApp Web Beta platform gives participants the following notifications: You can use WhatsApp Web, Computer and Portal application without keeping your phone connected.

The beta version also shows that up to four devices can be used simultaneously.

There are several reasons why you cannot carry your phone while sitting in front of your computer that prevent you from using the non-portable version of the service.

When the beta test feature goes to the official version of WhatsApp on the web and computer service applications, it will make life more convenient for many people.

This means that if you are not close to your phone and want to use WhatsApp Web, lost your phone or repaired your smartphone, you are hoping that the platform will be able to respond to your requests soon.

It's worth noting that the rival Telegram platform has been providing features for a long time. In the past few months, many users of Facebook's private services have chosen to use Telegram due to issues with updating policies. Secrecy.

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