Microsoft will launch the next generation of Windows soon
Microsoft will launch the next generation of Windows soon

Microsoft will not talk about its grand plan for Windows at the Build 2021 conference this week as the company prepares to detail the next steps for the PC operating system.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft (Satya Nadella), is keen to share the news in the Build 2021 opening speech, indicating that he has been testing the next generation of Windows for the past few months.

He said, "We will release one of the major Windows updates in the past decade soon to provide better job opportunities for developers and developers, and I've been testing it over the past few months." Very excited about the next version. Windows generation.

And he added, we are committed to creating more opportunities for every Windows developer today. We welcome all innovators looking for the most innovative and open platform to create, distribute and monetize apps, and hope to share more of them soon.

Microsoft has developed a new app store for Windows in the past few months and made some important changes to the OS UI.

Nadella appears to be referring to changes in business here and promises to bring better economic benefits to the Windows developers and developers themselves.

This could include major changes to the Windows Store, allowing developers to submit any Windows app, including browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

There are rumors that Microsoft may even allow foreign trade platforms to add in-app payments, so developers can avoid a 15% commission on Microsoft apps and a 12% commission for games.

Nadella's specific reference to the next generation of Windows has sparked interest as Microsoft generally refers to everything as Windows 10. This language may indicate that the company is preparing for a bigger change from the Windows brand, not just the user interface.

Microsoft confirmed last week that Windows 10X, which was originally designed for two-screen devices, is no longer capable of loading.

Microsoft has now brought the best parts of Windows 10X (a simplified version of Windows) to the final release of Windows 10.

We hope to drastically change the name of your Windows UI, Sun Valley. Some work begins with new system icons, file explorer improvements, and the end of the Windows 95 era icons.

Microsoft is also committed to improving the fundamentals of Windows, addressing the issue of rearranging apps on multiple screens, adding the Xbox Auto HDR feature, and improving Bluetooth audio support.

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