APC 11 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip
APC 11 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

APC surge protector, power board with 11 ports and one black port, P6WU2, (6) power strip, white surge protector 1080 Joules

APC surge protector with phone, Ethernet and coaxial protection, P11VNT3, 3020 J, 11 power leads, black power supply board
APC P11VNT3 6-foot 11 ports 3020 Joule Performance SurgeArrest 11 ports with Tel2 / splitter, coaxial cable, and Ethernet connector

APC socket extension cable, surge protector with USB port, P6WU2, (6) multi-socket ac outlet, 1080J, surge protector, white
Millions of people trust APC to protect their valuable electronics. The main series of surge protectors and surge protectors are backed by a lifetime warranty and a $ 50,000 device protection policy to keep you safe. You can enjoy maximum protection, safety, comfort and reliability.

  •     3020 joule surge protector
  •     11 built-in surge protection ports with safety shutters, 6 separate sockets for large transformers
  •     Data line protection: analog phone / fax / modem / DSL telephone line (RJ-11 connection), Ethernet-10/100 Base-T (RJ-45 connection), CATV / SATV / modem / audio-video coaxial cable (coaxial) (Conductor)
  •     8 feet cable with 180 degree rotation and right angle connector
  •     Our lifetime warranty and US $ 100,000 device protection policy guarantee your safety

  •     1080 energy rating, joule protection
  •     6 outlet surge protector on the wall
  •     Two USB ports can provide 2.4A combined charging power. Input power - 1200 watts
  •     Designed to use two port configurations. The center screw attaches the machine securely to the wall or can be removed by slightly lifting the red washer on the back of the machine.
  •     Backed by APC's lifetime warranty and $ 50,000 connected device policy

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