OWC Envoy Pro FX 240GB Portable NVMe M.2 SSD
OWC Envoy Pro FX 240GB Portable NVMe M.2 SSD

The fastest compatible hard drive ever, with speeds up to 2800MB / s. Portable SSD Suitable for All Kinds of Computers The first portable SSD on the market is a small step in the evolution of portable storage, usually with limited capacity, speed, and reliability. Envoy Pro FX is a huge advance for all computers as it is the world's first portable solid-state drive that delivers performance and compatibility. Yesterday and today, I used Thunderbolt to connect it to my Mac and PC. Connect Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 devices tomorrow. You can even connect it to iPad Pro, Chromebook, and Surface devices. Just imagine ... you don't have to worry about running an external drive or drive interface! Xtreme Performance With X on Envoy Pro FX, you can enjoy maximum Xtreme performance of up to 2800MB / s from whatever interface you connect to. Regardless of whether you want to access and save files from old devices, back up personal files, or perform extensive on-site video editing, Envoy Pro FX can handle all audio, video, photo, graphics and provide editing tasks. . Flexible and recognized use in an Xtreme environment is the trademark of Envoy Pro FX. The heat-dissipating aluminum housing achieves the protection class of IP67 and can be operated in the dirtiest and humid environments. With the confidence that your data is protected by a MIL-STD810G certified anti-fall military mount, you can sneak into the urban jungle or into the messy squad. It's hard to get us into space on a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket! The Envoy Pro FX can solve it whether you put it or hang it on the Zero G.

  • Flexible Compatibility: You can use your Mac yesterday, today, and tomorrow to plug and play. Windows and Linux computers; IPad Pro, Chromebook, and Surface devices.
  • Ultra-fast: Supports maximum performance of all Thunderbolt and USB interfaces up to 2800MB / s2
  • OWC Aura SSD Support: Advanced storage technology with support for TRIM and Thunderbolt delivers the fastest and most reliable performance between flash drives
  • Quiet heat dissipation: Fanless aluminum frame with heat sink for hassle free operation
  • Connected: The included Thunderbolt / USB cable can be connected to any device, anywhere

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