Tesla will not provide fully autonomous cars this year
Tesla will not provide fully autonomous cars this year

Tesla told a California regulator that it may not achieve fully autonomous driving technology by the end of this year, according to a memo issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in January that he was confident this year's car could drive with breakthrough reliability.

Since October, Tesla has also released a beta FSD version to a limited number of employees and customers, and Musk is promoting the program through its Twitter account.

Although Musk said several years ago he believes the company is close to introducing Level 5 autonomous driving technology, which means its cars do not require human intervention, and instead drivers have to put their hands on the wheel when they are. Using autopilot.

Two years ago, after Musk repeatedly talked about unrealized self-driving taxis, Tesla raised more than $ 2 billion in financing.

The California Department of Vehicle (DMV) announced in minutes from a conference call with representatives from Tesla (including lead robot engineer CJ Moore) on March 9 that Musk's tweets do not reflect the actual status of the project, given that autonomous driving is currently taking its place in the standard. 2.

Level 2 Autonomous Driving Technology refers to a semi-autonomous driving system that requires the supervision of the driver.

The engineer said earlier this year, Elon Musk overestimated the capabilities of the company's robotic operator or the company's driver assistance system.

The note reads: Tesla said that Elon extrapolated the rate of improvement by talking about Level 5 autopilot capabilities, and Tesla was unable to determine whether the rate of improvement had reached Level 5 by the end of the period. '' Yearly Calendar.

"Tesla said it is consistent at Level 2, and Tesla understands that public misunderstanding and abuse of technological frontiers can have tragic consequences," the memo added.

The note is a rare glimpse into how robotics guide engineers have matched Elon Musk's high expectations with organizational concerns.

The California Highway Administration is investigating the cause of a collision with a Tesla car and an overturned truck on a highway near Fontana, California, causing the death of a Tesla driver. The ministry did not disclose whether the Tesla car was powered by an autopilot.

The Federal Road Safety Office is also investigating more than 20 company vehicle crashes.

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