Tesla faces a sharp drop in sales in China
Tesla faces a sharp drop in sales in China

Tesla's success index in China shows that sales fell sharply in April. The American electric car company sold 25,845 cars made in China last month.

According to the China Passenger Vehicle Association, that figure is 27% down from the 35,478 cars sold in March.

The report shows that Tesla released 14,174 cars from its Shanghai factory in April and that the association did not release Tesla export data in March.

The decline in Tesla sales is due to the fact that the total number of new passenger cars in China decreased by 12% in April from the previous month. This category includes all electric and hybrid cars.

With the support of US billionaire Warren Buffett, Tesla was acquired by BYD in April.

Passenger Car Association said: BYD sold 25,450 new energy vehicles in April, an increase of 6.5% over the 23,906 new energy vehicles sold in March.

The number is close to the figure BYD announced earlier this month: BYD sold 25,034 cars with new engines in April.

Some people in China's electric vehicle industry question the accuracy of the assembly numbers.

China is becoming increasingly important to Tesla. The company did not disclose the monthly shipments per country, but did announce that it shipped 184,800 cars worldwide in the first quarter.

The published figures show that China is becoming a more important market for this American company.

The company's revenue in the country reached $ 3 billion in the first quarter, or 29% of global revenue for the reporting period, up 21% for 2020.

The media intensified their attacks on Tesla Corporation in China. In the past few months, national reports on Tesla brake malfunctions, collisions and explosions have spiked and called for a regulatory review.

Reuters quoted sources as saying that the US company has stopped purchasing land and is considering expanding its facilities in Shanghai.

Looking ahead, the Passenger Car Association announced that the capital, Beijing, will issue 60,000 new license plates for new energy vehicles this month.

This will help sell the Y and Aion Y models, which will be manufactured by the new brand of electric vehicles from the Chinese state-owned automaker Guangzhou Automobile.

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