Amazon wins a lawsuit in the European Commission
Amazon wins a lawsuit in the European Commission

Amazon won an appeal against the European Commission, which has asked the US tech giant to pay 250 million euros in taxes in Luxembourg.

The General Court of the European Union: The European Commission, the executive body of the European Union, has not shown Luxembourg to offer illegal tax incentives to Amazon, and Amazon has European offices in the United States.

The Brussels-based foundation announced in 2017 that Luxembourg had granted Amazon inappropriate tax incentives.

The European Commission said at the time that Amazon was allowed to pay four times less tax than other local companies that follow the same national regulations, but Amazon rejects that assessment.

A company spokesperson said: We applaud the court’s decision, which is in line with our longstanding position that we will comply with all applicable laws and that Amazon will not receive special treatment.

The European Commission can decide to appeal the court's decision and refer the case to the European Supreme Court.

The Amazon case is one of a series of cases cited by EU Competition Commissioner Margaret Westager in which tax deals awarded to large companies are seen as an illegal form of government aid.

This is the second court ruling in less than a year, and the results showed that the authority did not reach any tax incentives.

In July, the General Court of the European Union said that the European Union group led by Margaret Westager had failed to show that the Irish government had provided tax incentives to Apple.

The committee asked Apple to pay about $ 13 billion in unpaid taxes in 2016.

Since then, the commission decided to refer the case back to the European Court of Justice and study ways to improve its toolkit to deal with so-called unfair market competition.

Under these circumstances, European lawmakers are currently discussing two legislative proposals that could lead to global changes.

Based on these recommendations, the goal of the European Union is to impose remedial measures that lead to real change, rather than impose fines on those who constantly break the rules.

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