Tesla uses built-in cameras to monitor drivers
Tesla uses built-in cameras to monitor drivers

Tesla has started using rearview mirror cameras on the 3 and Y models to ensure people pay attention to the road when using the company's advanced driver assistance system, Autopilot.

The primary way Tesla measures driver awareness is by using the torque sensor on the steering wheel to find resistance. This is the primary way to make sure the driver stays at the wheel.

If not enough feedback is recorded, the vehicle will issue a series of increased visual and audible warnings.

The change came after years of asking Tesla regulators and security experts to better monitor its cars.

Even Elon Musk, the company's CEO, admitted that the robotic lighthouse accidents were due to inaction.

However, he previously declined the engineer’s call to add more driver monitoring features to the company's cars.

Musk said at the time that the technology was ineffective.

Companies like General Motors and Ford currently sell cars equipped with camera eye tracking systems.

These systems are designed to capture the driver's attention when using the hands-free function.

Tesla and Autopilot:

A Type Y user posted a photo with software release notes describing new security features.

Release notes say: With autopilot turned on, the cab camera can now recognize the driver and warn against inattention.

She added: If data sharing is not enabled, the system will not be able to store or transmit any information.

The S and X models made before 2021 do not have cameras in the cabin.

It will likely contain the revised version (which has yet to be delivered) that was announced in January.

Tesla was not aware of the term "driver inattention" used in the release notes, or what would happen if someone wasn't given enough attention.

Initially, the Models 3 and Y essentially ignored the onboard camera, although Tesla began to do so to ensure drivers pay attention to the road during a beta test of the fully autonomous version of the autonomous driving.

Musk said in March that Tesla had pulled some beta testers from the program because they had not paid enough attention.

The addition of security camera surveillance functions follows a new line of automatic driver monitoring.

This new wave came after two fatal accidents, and it initially appeared that driver assistance systems might be involved.

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