Apple is fixing the AirPods Pro control issue
Apple is fixing the AirPods Pro control issue

Apple's AirPods Pro solve one of the most difficult parts of designing a single-button headphone (formerly known as the force sensor).

Technically, the force sensor is the serrated part of the AirPods Pro's legs, and some devices can also measure touch and pressure capacitive.

But the fake buttons solve one of the most annoying things about headphones - how to control them.

The problem of controlling wireless headphones is relatively new.

Older in-ear headphones usually have a series of buttons on their cords that make it easy to find and place volume controls and controls.

However, wireless in-ear headphones don't have much room for buttons or methods of operating control, forcing manufacturers to come up with other solutions.

The most popular answers are the touch controls that headphones like the Galaxy Buds or regular AirPods use.

For example, you can click, double-click, or triple-click headphones to play, pause, and skip tracks.

The problem, however, is that the headphones are in the ears.

Sometimes, when you click on the controls, these headphones get excruciatingly pressed in your ears or you lose them. If they fall to the ground, you may lose them or damage them.

Apple uses force sensors to avoid these two issues:

Apple does not press the ears, it only allows users to press on the AirPods legs.

This method does not move the earbuds too much, which reduces discomfort and the risk of falling.

AirPod Controls are very similar to other ways to control headphones.

For example, click to toggle between play and pause, double-click to continue, and triple-click to rewind.

There is also a fourth long press to switch between different noise cancellation modes.

The design shows you how to use it and where to press the button. Although it is difficult to accidentally activate the button, it does require some force.

There are no perceptible tactile reactions from the transducer.

However, with Apple, you have the feeling of pressing a button and the clicking sound transmitted by the headphones creates an audio effect.

There are rumors that Apple is testing a new version of AirPods Pro which will completely remove the previous force sensor.

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